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Amazon Theater, Brazil

Amazon Theater(Manaus Theater) is an opera house in Brazil

American Society of Composers, Authors

Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra

Ancient Greek Amphitheater

Argentina Opera and Orchestra

Athenaeum, Bucharest

A concert hall in Bucharest, Romania

Australia Performing Arts

Ensamble, Drama, Ballet, Vocal

Azerbaijan Ballet & Opera House

Azerbaijan Theater

Bad Ischl Opera Festival

An annual Franz Lehr opera festival held in Bad Ischl, Austria.

Bastile Opera House, Paris

The opera house is the most right one of the pictures(5 stamp set), Paris' famous buildings.

Bavarian Opera House

An opera house in Munich

Bayreuth Festival

An annual Wagner opera Festival held in Bayreuth Opera House during the month of Auguast.

Bayreuth Opera House

An opera house in Bayreuth, Germany dedicated to Richard Wagner

Beethoven Hall, Bonn

Inauguration of Beethoven Hall in 1959.
The year 1959 - Handel -bicentennial death,
Louis Spohr-centennial death,
Haydn-150th death anniversary,
Mendelssohn-150th birth anniversary.

Belgian Music Society

Belarus Ballet and Opera

Bergen Festival

Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra

Bergen Philh. Orchestra and Society, Norway

Berlin Opera House

Berlin Philharmonic Hall

Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

Bolivar Theater, Quito

A Concert Hall and Theater in Quito, Ecaudor.

Bolivia National Symphony Orchestra

Bolshoi Theater, Moscow